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We rescue premium coffee - BUT what does that actually mean?

We rescue premium coffee - BUT what does that actually mean?

‘We rescue premium coffee’ - BUT what does that actually mean?

There's two types of coffee that we rescue, surplus coffee, and rejected Nespresso compatible coffee pods. 


Nespresso compatible coffee pods get automatically rejected based on such minor and negligible imperfections, it it as small as a tiny dent in the capsule, or 0.1g over or underweight. We make sure that we quality assure all of our pods, and if they are too dented then we make sure we recycle them. The pods that make it through the quality check, the tiny imperfections doesn't actually impact the taste or the compatibility of the coffee in any way, and that's why we stepped in to rescue them. Check out our Instagram video of the coffee production line.


The other reason why there is so much waste in the coffee industry is because of the surplus created during the roasting process. When we talk about rescuing premium coffee in this sense, we mean we are buying the fresh surplus coffee of the coffee roasters that they cannot sell, helping them to reduce their waste. 

For example; If a mid-sized coffee roaster has to supply a retail shop with 100 bags of coffee. They might roast enough beans for 110 - 120 bags in case there are any complications in the roast such as unforeseen shrinkage. The left over beans are called the surplus, while some of this might go into the coffee shop to be turned into flat whites, often a large proportion of it gets wasted.

If the roaster has a healthy wholesale business, the shop might not be able to turn all the ‘surplus’ coffee into flat whites and you can soon imagine how much premium coffee is potentially wasted across the entire coffee industry.

This is where we come in, we buy the fresh surplus coffee of the roaster for a very fair price, repackage it and sell it to you for a fraction of its normal price.
So there you have it, rescued coffee isn’t swept up off the floor, it’s not burnt or gone off and sadly it’s not from a farm run by little Lego men. It’s premium, roasted coffee, recused and repacked for you.

We know this small effort won’t change the world overnight but little steps like this will help preserve the world tomorrow.