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Great coffee that doesn't cost the earth

We rescue slightly dented Nespresso compatible coffee pods, repackage them into boxes of 100 of 200 and sell them for a fraction of the RRP. 


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How it works.

We Rescue.

We rescue dented pods and surplus coffee beans from amazing coffee roasters across the country and repackage it.

You decide.

You decide if you want freshly ground coffee, whole bean coffee or Nespresso compatible capsules all at a major discount!

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Everything you need to know.

Nobody is talking about it, but in the UK alone roughly 1.8 million cups of coffee are wasted every day. Surplus beans and dented pods never end up getting drunk, all because of the constant need for perfection.

This is where we come in, we work with premium coffee roasters, rescue their fresh surplus coffee beans and dented pods, and ship it to you at a fraction of the usual price.

It's kind of like the wonky veg movement, but for coffee.

A bit more about us.

Our names are Laurence & Harrison (Laurence, left, Harrison, Right). We’ve been best pals since we met on a day trip to the Wimbledon Tennis tournament when we were 9 years old (see the photo). We’ve grown up living in each other pockets and passed through every stage of our lives together.

Odd Coffee Co began in the first lockdown in 2020 when we were both at the whits end of what to do as the world for everyone had slowed down. We stumbled across the fact that there is so much waste created in the coffee industry. A change was necessary, so we set up Odd Coffee Company with the mission to reduce the amount of waste in the coffee industry.

And so far, with your help, we have rescued over 13 tonnes of amazing coffee, and by the end of 2023, we want to have rescued 1000 tonnes! 

Great coffee that doesn't cost the earth.

Join thousands of others on the wonky coffee movement, and enjoy speciality coffee that doesn't cost the earth.


No lock in: Pause or cancel at any time
Always free shipping when you subscribe

200+ reviews

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