Odd Coffee Co

Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods Menu

You spoke, and we listened! 

Welcome to the first version of our coffee menu. Now you may, or may not know, but it has been a huge challenge from a logistical perspective to provide a coffee menu due to the amount of coffee we rescue and sort through. Nevertheless, here is our first version of the coffee menu to go alongside our rescued Nespresso compatible coffee pods. 

Small disclaimer: There may still be an element of surprise with this menu although we have tried to be as accurate as possible. This is because a lot of the coffee producers use the same aluminium casing, so for example, you may two gold capsules in a box, each from a different coffee roaster, and therefore a different coffee. 


Colour Tasting notes Origin Best served as Roast Profile
Red A deep rich roast with a creamy finish Latin America and Asia Espresso Dark
Full bodied with a dark chocolate finish Indian and South American Ristretto or Espresso Medium to Dark
Rich cocoa, caramel, vanilla  Colombian Espresso or lungo  Light to Medium
Pink & Blue A fruity espresso with floral notes Blend of Latin America and Asia Espresso Medium
Fruity, sweet and biscuity notes South & Centra Americas Espresso or Lungo 


Deep intense flavours with nutty notes Asia Ristretto Medium to Dark
Intense cocoa and a nutty undertone Ethiopian & Latin American blend Ristretto or Espresso Medium to Dark
A well balanced coffee with sweet notes and light acidity Latin American and African Espresso or Lungo  Light to Medium
Caramel and sweet fruits with low acidity Brazillian and Colombian Espresso Light to Medium