Odd Coffee Co

Coffee That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

Enjoy sustainably sourced surplus coffee, rescued from British coffee roasters.

How It Works.

1. We Rescue.

We rescue dented Nespresso compatible pods and surplus coffee beans from some of the best coffee roasters across the country.

2. You Decide.

You decide if you want freshly ground coffee, whole bean or Nespresso compatible coffee pods at a fraction of the usual RRP.

3. We Deliver.

We deliver in a flash and you can choose to subscribe and save or try Odd Coffee Co as a one-off purchase.


Nobody is talking about it, but in the UK alone roughly 1.8 million cups of coffee are wasted every day. Surplus beans and dented pods never end up getting drunk, all because of our societies constant need for perfection.

This is where Odd Coffee Co comes in. We work with premium coffee roasters, rescue their fresh surplus coffee beans and dented pods, and ship it to you at a fraction of the usual price.

Don't worry, none of our coffee is from a skip.

We never set out to reform the world's waste, and neither would we say we are extreme environmentalists. We’re just two friends that kind of just fell into Odd Coffee. But it's not until you see a skip full of speciality roasted Columbian beans and dented coffee pods, that you realise how wrong this unnecessary waste feels!

Don’t worry, none of our coffee is from a skip, this is an image that fuelled this project, and our aim was to stop this from happening…& it’s working.

What difference have we made?


Tonnes Of Coffee Saved.

That's enough for about 1.5 millions cups of coffee.


Tonnes Saved

That’s enough energy to power around 70 houses for a year.


Million Litres Saved

That's enough for 3,600 people for life.


MIllion Coffee Pods Recused

That's a sh*t load of coffee pods

Truly Sustainable Coffee, Delivered Straight To Your Door

Reducing Waste

The only people battling waste in the coffee


Great Coffee

We only partner with the best coffee roasters


100% recyclable

0% plastic and 100% recyclable at home


Big Savings

Premium coffee at a fraction of the usual price

We're the talk of the town