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Bulk Buy Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods


Whether you're drinking Odd Coffee Co's rescued coffee pods at home, or in the workplace, it has become crystal clear that there are some serious coffee drinkers amongst the Odd Coffee co community! 

As a result, we have created a bulk-buy option to purchase our rescued pods at an even bigger discount than normal. The bulk-buy rescued pods will be sent out in plain unbranded boxes, and can only be purchased on their own (can't be purchased with any other product on Odd Coffee Co) to give you the best price possible.

500 = 20p per pod 

1000 = 19.5p per pod

1500 = 19p per pod

2000 = 18p per pod

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fiona Sneddon
Great value, lots of different pods to try and no danger of running out soon!

I really like buying the pods in bulk, I like the lucky dip aspect of discovering new flavours and there is a wide enough range to keep everyone happy. This is the second time I have bought in bulk and will do the same again!

James Goggin
500 pods

Bazinga! Liked the 100 so much I bought 500! Like to play Russian roulette with flavours! Half fill cup regardless so all is good! Hate to see people complaining on FB and Insta about pods. You don't have to buy them! I scoop out grounds after and recycle washed squashed aluminium pods! Compost for free

Great value

Our son introduced us to The Odd Coffee Company. Thank you very efficient service at good prices. Hoping for a few decaf pods in the future. Good luck