Odd Coffee Co

Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods


Get your caffeine fix and sample an eclectic selection of coffees from a variety of regions and different tasting notes with our rescued coffee pods that are compatible with all Original Nespresso machines.

  • Rescued coffee from premium brands – luxury taste without the cost
  • Expert roasting processes allow you to sample exquisite coffee in your own home
  • The Odd Pods – a mixture of brands, regions, notes, flavour, and scents to sample
  • 100% recyclable aluminium pod casing – we’re saving the planet one coffee at a time
  • Every rescued coffee pod is compatible with all original Nespresso coffee machines

Saving The Pods

Why waste what tastes great?

You’ve probably heard of wonky veg and broken biscuits – well, rescued coffee follows the same premise. All of our pods are produced by premium manufactures and deemed not pretty enough to sell – that’s where we come in. We rescue the pods from never making it to the cup, repackage them sustainably and sell them at a fraction of the price.

Saving The Planet

Creating a sustainable coffee industry

Here at Odd Coffee Company, our motto is Let’s Save The Planet, One Coffee at a Time. We rescue perfectly tasty coffee pods from going to waste, repackage in sustainably sourced cardboard and provide it to you at a much cheaper price than buying from the big names brands. Also, our coffee pods are aluminium and 100% recyclable! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 780 reviews
Amy Brown
Great quality, great price!

I’m thrilled to have found this company. Received a big box of 100 capsules for a really great price and each one has been lovely. No trouble at all using them in the machine and the damage is so minor to the pods, I can’t believe that they would normally be thrown away!

Stephen Lloyd
Compatible Coffee Pods

So far it has been a good experience, pods well packed and comprising of a varied selection. Overall excellent value for money.

Emma Smith
The variety is great!

Loving being able to try different flavours and types of coffee whilst reducing waste at the same time! Would 100% recommend!