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let's save the planet, one coffee at a time.

Did you know that thousands of tonnes of great coffee is wasted every year?

The Odd Coffee Company works closely with premium coffee roasters across England, helping to reduce their excess waste. We repackage the rejected and surplus coffee so you can enjoy quality roasted beans or pods at a fraction of the price.

How it works.

1. We rescue rejected coffee pods, and tonnes freshly roasted bean & ground coffee from select premium roasters.

2. You choose what type of coffee you want to rescue.

3. We deliver it in a flash, and you enjoy the rescued coffee as a one-off or on a subscription, direct to your door at a fraction of the price.

Start rescuing coffee today.

What difference have we made?


Tonnes Of Coffee Saved.

That's enough for about 1.5 millions cups of coffee.


Tonnes Saved

That’s enough energy to power around 70 houses for a year.


Million Litres Saved

That's enough for 3,600 people for life.


MIllion Coffee Pods Recused

That's a sh*t load of coffee pods

Surplus Roasted Coffee Beans & Pods - The Odd Coffee Company

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Rescued Nespresso compatible odd pods

Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods


Free delivery for all orders over £20.00

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