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Dualit EcoPress


The Nespresso compatible coffee pods that Odd Coffee Co rescues are all 100% recyclable at home. They are 100% aluminium with zero plastic, and used coffee grounds inside the pod, meaning they are infinitely recyclable.  At Odd Coffee Co we believe this is the most environmentally friendly way to recycle your coffee pods, as it reduces the number of 'coffee miles'.

Dualit's EcoPress offers a mess-free solution to recycling used aluminium coffee capsules. The amazing, handheld EcoPress removes the coffee grounds from the capsules allowing for quick and easy recycling. Dualit's EcoPress is compatible with all brands of aluminium coffee capsules (excluding capsules for professional, 'built in' and Nespresso®* Vertuo models).

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Stephen Reid
Great quality

Coffee was great with a good variety

Hayleigh Cox
good little device

very good little product, glad i purchased it

Carolyn Tudor
Simple product that works well and does the job!

Finally a better way to deal with the used pods than wait for a collection. My daughter spent 20 minutes happily squishing and washing pods. The used coffee was put on the compost heap and the aluminium sleeves into the recycling. A good simple device which will last and work for years to come.